Selling Real Estate On the Internet

By Thomas Young

One of the most popular uses of the Internet is the promotion of real estate.  In our experience with real estate firms, resorts, developers and construction companies, we have learned several lessons about how to market property on the Web.  Here are a few tips on getting it right.
Keep in mind, these lessons apply to all Websites.

Get Inside the Head of the Buyer

It is important to understand the emotions people experience when they buy or search for property.  It is usually the most important financial decision they will ever make.  The process is stressful and property Websites should make it less stressful.  This begins with an easy to use and understand Website.

Use of Pictures and Video

Photos! Photos! Photos! By far the most important part of real estate Websites are photos and videos. These visual images do much more than showcase the property, they also brand the business.  Website visitors are desperately looking for photos and make important decisions based on photos.  Great looking, accurate photos with captions are a must. Price and a map to the location are also necessary.

Provide Complete Information

Website visitors looking for specifics on the property get very upset when they do not see complete information.  Many Websites do this as a teaser in order to entice Web users to contact them and become a lead.  This does not work well because oftentimes the user can simply go to another Website and get what they need.  Not only does it drive people from the Website, it also lowers trust.  Impress the Website visitor and motivate them to make contact.

Getting Conversions

All content on the Website must be linked with easy to find methods for the visitor to make contact.  This includes driving directions, cell phone, office phone, email and contact forms.  If possible, offer a contact us incentive, such as a color brochure, information on the city, real estate conditions and other useful information that can be mailed in exchange for contact information.

Male Versus Female

Each approaches real estate Websites differently.  Males are more data focused and want to know about the location, driving, room sizes and technical specs.  Women want to see pictures and determine how the house can be decorated, what the rooms can be used for and what types of events can take place.  Websites must be balanced and appeal to both sexes.

One again, these principles apply to all Websites and are especially important if a Website is to stand above the crowd in this competitive arena.  Real estate markets are struggling and the time is right to get more business with a great Website.

Thomas Young is CEO and President of Intuitive Websites, a Colorado Springs based Internet marketing, Website design and usability firm. To learn more about Intuitive Websites contact Tom at 719-481-4040 or [email protected].