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Proactive WordPress website maintenance and cloud hosting from the world’s #1 WordPress host, WPEngine.

IW and WordPress Engine provide world-class hosting and support

Website maintenance is a 24/7/365 job.

Beneath the surface of every WordPress site are critical tools that must be monitored and maintained in order to keep your company’s website safe, secure and at peak performance. With all of the anticipation of a new website it’s easy to forget about the very important decision of selecting a reliable hosting partner and planning for long-term maintenance. If ignored, you might miss critical plugin updates, security protocols, patches, and backups, that will leave your website vulnerable to attack, and may even cause irreparable harm to your company’s reputation.

Proactive, Expert Monitoring
Security and Plugin Updates
Nightly backups
Priority support

Your 24/7 Website Hosting Monitor

Partner with Intuitive Websites for proactive WordPress maintenance,
1-on-1 support and website hosting with WPEngine – the #1 WordPress host.

Keep WordPress Plugins Up-to-Date

Keeping your WordPress plugins up-to-date is an essential practice for any website. Plugins not only keep your website running smoothly and provide a seamless user experience, but they also protect you against malicious attacks that may affect SEO.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Having multiple users on your WordPress website can also be one of your biggest threats if not managed with care. Protect personal user information and unauthorized access with our best practices for WordPress user management so you know exactly who has access to your site.

Swift 24/7 Resolution When You Need It

When your website is down, you and want it fixed right away. Not only is it frustrating to website visitors, but every second counts because time is lost money. Our program prioritizes support with quick response maining there’s no waiting in line with tech support for hours on the phone.

How does your website measure up?

Curious if your site is up-to-date, safe and secure? Schedule a technical website audit with the IW team and we’ll take a peek – we’ll show you how your host is doing, what areas may be at risk, and make recommendations to optimize site performance.

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Maximize Your Website Performance with
The Intuitive Websites Advanced Website Hosting

  • Improved performance with faster site speed and load times

  • 1-on-1 support from a dedicated IW support professional

  • Regular updates to core WordPress files, themes and plugins

  • Nightly backups and archives

  • Routine monitoring of all WordPress user accounts

  • Cloud-based hosting with one of the world’s leading web hosts, WPEngineAutomated tracking of all website logins

  • Proactive monitoring of all site activity

  • Real-time alerts of core file, theme or plugin modifications

  • User blocking by IP address, country, etc.

  • Site restoration from backup if hacked**

*No setup fee for existing IW website customers. Setup fee applies to websites needing to be moved to IW hosting.
**From a previous backup. This service does not include rebuilding a site from scratch.

Website Hosting and Maintenance FAQs

What sort of uptime guarantees does IW’s Advance Website Hosting Program provide?

WP Engine ensures that its services are available to you 99.95% of the time. At the start of our AWH agreement, we’ll provide a service level agreement that details our promise to you and outlines the exact steps that will be taken to resolve any technical issues.

How much does it cost to host my website with Intuitive Websites?

The Intuitive Website Advanced Website Hosting Program is $189 per month. There is no setup fee for existing IW clients. In the event that your website needs to be restored, this fee will cover restoration to a prior backup, not a total website rebuild.

Can I host my own website?

Yes, IW clients always have the option to host your website with a different provider, but we don’t recommend it. AWH provides everything a website needs – the necessary technical knowledge and expertise to swiftly resolve issues related to server downtime, data breaches, and security vulnerabilities so you have one less thing to worry about.

Can I cancel AWH (Advanced Website Hosting) with IW?

You always own your own website and can move hosting to another provider at any time. If you’re experiencing a technical issue on your website, please contact our team so that we may have an opportunity to resolve it. Account cancellations require a 30 day written notice.

Improved performance. Peace of mind.
Protect your investment and keep your website at peak performance with IW’s WordPress maintenance services.

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