Denver, Colorado

The bulk of our team lives in and around the mile-high city, which boasts the Rocky Mountains, world-class winter sports and is a high-tech hub.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

South of Denver, and where you’ll find the Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, and the US Olympic Training Center. You’ll also find our Founder and CEO.


San Diego, California

San Diego is home to palm trees, the famous zoo, beaches, and great weather. Better yet, it is also home to our design team.


We know there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to digital marketing. That’s why you won’t find service “packages” on our site. Our goal is to understand your needs, wants, and contractions, so we can best design a program and approach that works for you when you need it. And hey, if things change, that’s okay, too.


The Intuitive Websites team is way more than the sum of its parts, but those parts are best in class. We know how design works with development, how content works with social, and how technical config works with SEO—all so you and your team don’t have to.

We’re Checklist People

If our mission was to consistently scale results for our clients, we realized we needed a tried, true, and repeatable process. So we made the most high-tech, intricate, and intimidating thing imaginable: a checklist. In all seriousness, you can rest assured knowing that growth for your company looks like a simple, easy-to-follow set of steps—and that your partners know exactly what needs to get done, and when.

Here’s what we value:

  • Committed to learning and forward-thinking.

  • Taking the initiative to provide exceptional service for our clients.

  • A dedicated team devoted to our clients.

  • Mutual Respect is ingrained in our culture.

  • We are Accountable.

  • We enjoy what we do!

We donate to public radio.

We work from home and coworking spaces.

We speak and author books on marketing.

We celebrate client wins with virtual happy hours.

We produce industry leading and informative blogs.

We share educational resources across our team.

Meet Your Marketing Team Extension

Thomas Young is founder and CEO of Intuitive Websites. He has 25 years of experience in marketing and sales, including strategic digital marketing and website usability.

Tom has worked with corporate clients around the country and is passionate about understanding customers and how they use the Internet. He is the author of “Intuitive Selling” and “Winning the Website War.” His clients include HealthONE, Office Depot, NEC, The American Funds, Colorado College, Land Title, Bosca Leather and Intrawest to name a few. Tom’s client list is a testament to his ability to work with and get results for organizations. He has a BA in Communications from the University of Northern Colorado and an MBA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He enjoys tennis, sports and is an avid musician. Follow Tom on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Tom’s Speaking Information

Tom is a Vistage speaker and a national speaker on Internet Marketing and Web Usability. He has presented to thousands on the subject of Web marketing in seminars, Webinars and through his podcasts.

Tom Young


Adrian Collins Is Intuitive Websites’ Creative Director.

Adrian leads Intuitive Websites’ talented team of web designers and developers in their never-ending quest to create the perfect website. He loves the challenge of creating intuitive and powerful designs from scratch and molding them into powerful, lead-generating, captivating, and visually stunning portals of profitability and community. Adrian embraces both spheres of his brain and enjoys executing the technical and combining it with the creative.

Adrian is another Intuitive Websites overachiever and scholar. In addition to earning his BA in English, and graduating Magna cum Laude, from San Diego State University, he also found time to serve his country as a member of The US Navy.

Before joining Intuitive Websites, Adrian was a much-in-demand designer that counted major companies like General Mills, Best Buy, SAIC, and Good Sam as clients. He continues to help clients, large and small,  develop a winning digital presence that engages, captivates, and informs the user. Along with Tom Young, Intuitive Websites CEO, and founder, Adrian helped grow the company from a small operation of two people to a thriving company of 15 full-time employees and a roster of hundreds of accounts.

Adrian loves the dirt. As a lifelong dirt and mountain biker, he loves hitting the trails, getting dirty, and conquering mountains. Like many Intuitive Websites co-workers, Adrian enjoys playing drums and guitars. In addition, he loves to volunteer and manages his son’s soccer team, maintains their local elementary school’s website, and organizes annual desert races. Adrian loves exploring the world and has lived in exotic locations, including the Philippines and Brazil.

Adrian lives in beautiful, sunny San Diego and follows this motto: “Make an effort, not an excuse.”

Adrian Collins

Creative Director

Kerianne Leffew is Intuitive Websites’ COO.

Kerianne Leffew is a builder, rainmaker, and traffic controller. As Intuitive Websites’ COO, she’s the big-picture puppetmaster that keeps IW’s employees, operations, and clients all synchronized and moving seamlessly. Without her, it would be chaos. She’s a catalyst, joke cracker, music superfan, and taskmaster.

As with many of the creative folks at IW, Kerianne is immersed in music and draws on her background and experience as a successful festival operations manager-The Forecastle Music and Activism Festival in Louisville, KY, with 150 bands, five stages, and the Roots 40 Music Festival in Denver that featured 500 bands, 30 venues, and ran for one week. And her experience doesn’t end with the chaotic world of music event planning; it extends to her time in finance at The Impact Finance Center and STEM education and entrepreneurship at Innovation Pavilion.

Kerianne earned her Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Kentucky-Louisville.

When she’s not working with her mind, she puts her back into her hobbies. Kerianne likes playing in the dirt, rebuilding her backyard, adding a patio extension, and planting many shrubs and trees. She also loves riding motorcycles, attending concerts, and playing with her dog, Hendrix, and her husband, Kamran.

Favorite quote: “Make big things happen.”

Kerianne Leffew


Elizabeth Acosta is Intuitive Websites’ Digital Funnel Manager.

Liz makes the creative and analytical pieces fit together and create a powerful synergy. Instead, Liz uses her analytical and organizational skills to keep Intuitive Websites’ clients generating leads, serving customers, and growing the brand. Liz loves delivering superior results for every client. Liz’s specialties are creating winning email marketing campaigns with stellar results and developing innovative social media engagement with sticky content.

When Liz isn’t working hard, she’s playing hard. She enjoys painting, cooking and baking, hiking and exploring Colorado, traveling to new places, and seeing live music whenever possible.

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.”- John Muir.

Liz Acosta

Digital Funnel Manager

Aubree Deimler is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Intuitive Websites.

Aubree is an overachiever, an entrepreneur, an author, a veteran digital strategist (15+ years), and a self-described data nerd. Aubree thrives on new challenges and pursues her never-ending quest to keep clients’ pipelines filled with fresh new ideas and hot leads. Aubree’s versatility and breadth of experience help lead Intuitive Websites’ SEO, SEM, paid media, UX, and analytics efforts that produce measurable bottom-line results for Inuitive Websites’ growing roster of clients.

Aubree earned her MBA from the Univesity of Colorado, holds numerous certifications, and holds a stack of diplomas. She continues her education and learning by staying industry-current and studying the dynamic changes transforming the digital landscape.

When Aubree’s not busy working, which is incredibly rare, she’s busy writing the great American novel, self-publishing holistic self-help guides, voraciously consuming new books (100+ per year), and is planning on writing a sci-fi series. Aubree lives in Colorado with her husband, a small business owner, and entrepreneur.

Aubree Deimler

Inbound Marketing Manager

Timothy Lutes is an SEO Specialist at Intuitive Websites.

Timothy Lutes is a master SEO mixologist. He lives to marry data and creativity, the Right Brain and the Left Brain, and produce winning strategies that deliver results for Intuitive Websites’ clients. His keyword research, competitive intelligence, strategy, and optimization efforts deliver superior results for Intuitive Websites’ clients.

Timothy, a self-taught SEO specialist, and web developer, was a precocious prodigy when it came to technology and the early days of the web. An early adopter, and as early as 1995, a fifteen-year-old Timothy turned his obsession and love of the Beatles into a very successful and popular interactive and multimedia website– It was so popular, in fact, that the local newspaper editor offered a teenage Timothy a job. In addition, that same website was referenced by CNN in a feature on the Beatles. Timothy carries this passion and fascination with everything web-related to his SEO role at Intuitive Websites.

When Timothy’s not helping Intuitive Websites’ clients slay the competition and converting visitors into buyers, he’s banging the skins as a drummer in a punk rock band, listening to and collecting music, consuming sci-fi and physics books, and geeking out on Star Trek.

His favorite quote is:
“When the going gets weird, the weird turns professional.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Timothy Lutes

SEO Specialist

Gina Lorenz is a Lead UX Designer at Intuitive Websites

Gina Lorenz is passionate about design. She strives to deliver the best design, UX, and UI solutions, websites, and digital experience to our customers and prospects. She is passionate about creating and rendering impactful designs that captivate, impress, and motivate the end user. She never tires of this quest and her pursuit of UX perfection and loves being part of the talented team of creative minds and problem solvers at IW.

Gina earned a BFA in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University San Francisco. She continues to foster her love of learning and refines her approach to design. She enjoys staying on top of new design and development trends and continues her studies in these areas.

As you would expect, with such a creative and dynamic individual, Gina is in constant motion and never idle. When she’s not busy delivering the best darn websites in the business, she’s giving back to the community with her work at a local children’s non-profit. You might also just catch her cycling, hiking, sailing, rock-hounding, or spending the day reading. And, as with all things in life, it’s better to share those things with others. To that end, Gina loves spending time with her four adult children, husband, parents, and her cool cat, Toulouse.

Life Motto:
“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” – Henry Miller

Gina Lorenz

Lead UX Designer

Joy Blanchard is a Senior Front End Developer at Intuitive Websites.

Joy Blanchard is a problem solver. As Intuitive Websites’ Senior Front-End Developer, Joy analyzes the situation and renders great solutions when developing a new website project, coding functionality, optimizing a new website, installing and testing updates, or troubleshooting a technical issue. There are no problems, just solutions, and Joy finds them.

Joy, a self-taught front-end wizard, and dazzling developer learned how to fuse her artsy Right Brain with her analytical, coding Left Brain, and the result is winning websites that look beautiful and perform. She codes Intuitive Websites clients’ websites and ensures that the front-end functions consistently, effortlessly, and robustly. Joy tests new sites, launches them and keeps them updated and running 24-7-365.

Joy earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Painting from the University of The Philippines and a certificate in coding (HTML, CSS3, and JQuery) from Code School. She’s also earned certifications from Mental Health First Aid USA.

When Joy isn’t busy being busy, she’s exploring new interests like photography and music, attending a cool concert, knitting a new hat for a friend, learning the ukulele, making jewelry, exploring with her adult daughter, son, and husband, traveling, learning new languages, and enjoying the great outdoors in the Mile High City. Joy has her Black Belt in Kung Fu, so watch it, buddy. And, as if that weren’t enough, Joy loves to play her drums after a hard day of coding.

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”–John Wooden

Joy Blanchard

Senior Front-End Developer

Haley Clark is an Account Manager at Intuitive Websites

First and foremost, Haley is a competitor. She’s always striving to be better and achieve personal and professional excellence. As an account manager at Intuitive Websites, she is passionate and committed to understanding IW’s clients, their needs, and their success. She lives to cross to-do items off her checklist, thrives on teamwork, and runs the creative process from concept to implementation.

Haley graduated from Susquehanna University (Selinsgrove, PA) with a BA in Corporate Communications and minors in both Business and Studio Art. She also found time in college to work for a student-run PR firm. She served as a marketing intern at a local accounting firm during the summer and attended college in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. Those diverse and hands-on experiences helped her forge her career path and led her to Intuitive Websites’ door.

When Haley’s not busy helping Intuitive Websites’ clients succeed, she’s busy doing CrossFit training, running multiple half marathons, attending live concerts, traversing the country exploring new destinations, sampling fine coffees, and hanging with her Fit Friends CrossFit group in Kansas City, Kansas.

Haley’s credo is:
“Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking a moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.”

Haley Clark

Account Manager

Jordan Gibson is an Account Manager at Intuitive Websites.

Jordan knows that listening, paying attention to details, building long-term relationships, exceeding expectations, and solving problems ensure Intuitive Clients’ satisfaction and success. And it’s just the right thing to do. She loves to advocate and deliver results for clients.

Jordan didn’t come to Intuitive Websites via the traditional route of agency internships or the media industry grind; instead, she was discovered by Intuitive Websites’ COO, Kerianne Leffew, who was so impressed with Jordan’s Texas-sized personality, effervescence, and can-do attitude that she converted her from a contractor to a full-time employee.

Jordan earned an Associate of Arts Degree from Tyler Junior College and has earned her HubSpot Certifications in Growth Driven Design, Delivering Client Success, and Client Management. She’s also Google Analytics Certified.

When she’s not busy at work, she loves playing with her two dachshunds, Audrey and Nash, collecting designer handbags, socializing with friends and family, and surprising friends with gifts. She’s also dreaming big and planning to travel the globe if she can find the time.

Her guiding principle is to deliver more than expected consistently.

Jordan Gibson

Account Manager

Peyton Colston is an Account Manager With Intuitive Websites

Peyton Colston, one of Intuitive Websites’ talented account managers, gets it done. Her organizational skills, creative content ideas, digital marketing chops, positive, can-do attitude, and excellent bedside manner help her tick all the boxes on her daily task list. Ensuring that Intuitive Websites’ clients’ objectives are met and exceeded, that their vision is captured, and that projects are delivered on time and on budget gives Peyton a sense of satisfaction and a job well done.

Peyton graduated from the prestigious, world-recognized Berklee College of Music and earned a degree in Music Business Marketing. Her time in the music industry trenches as a runner, and social media coordinator at Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s largest honky tonk, prepared her well for the pressures, demands, deadlines, chaotic nature, dynamic, and moving target that is the digital agency world. The music never stops, and neither does Peyton.

When she’s not serving her clients, she’s busy being a wonderful mother to her brand new baby girl and her fur babies, Charlie and Beaux, and traveling with her equally talented husband, Chris Colston, a rising country music star. She also finds time to tickle the ivories and vocalize in her honey tones. Brains, talent, creativity, organization? Yep, she’s got it all.

Peyton’s philosophy and core are best reflected in this Bible verse: “Rejoice in hope, be patient in affliction, be persistent in prayer.” Romans 12:12

Peyton Colston

Account Manager

Shelly is a content specialist at Intuitive Websites.

She loves to help Intuitive’s clients unite rich, clever content with amazing design. Shelly has a master’s degree in integrated design and over 20+ years working in both the corporate and agency sides of print and digital marketing, most recently for the technology industry. She loves to try new things, read, exercise, and in her free time can be found coaching youth sports or diving into a DIY project with her husband in Maryland. She has three amazing kiddos, a super fat cat, Rosie, and a lovable (yet moderately psycho) rescue dog, Teddy.

Shelly Holdaway

Content Specialist

Willow Ascenzo is a Content Writer and Specialist at Intuitive Websites.

Willow Ascenzo is a storyteller. As a content writer and specialist at Intuitive Websites, Willow weaves ideas and concepts into compelling stories. She creates original content that captures mindshare. Whether it’s an impactful new blog, optimized pillar page copy, a captivating email, or a splashy headline. Willow’s writing helps Intuitive Websites’ clients spark conversations, build communities, and connect with their customers and prospects. In addition, she enjoys the challenge of learning about new industries and clients and creatively telling their stories to the world.

Before joining the powerhouse team of storytellers and content strategists at Intuitive Websites, she worked as an in-house copywriter for six years. She counted many Wisconsin-based startups as her clients. That work prepared her well for the rigors and challenges of writing for Intuitive Websites’ diverse roster of clients and their audiences.

Willow earned a Bachelor of English from Loyola University Chicago, where she majored in English and also minored in physics. As a result of her various studies, she possesses that rare combination of Right Brain and Left Brain talents and perspectives. Her singular approach informs her writing and infuses it with a unique and winning perspective.

When Willow isn’t working hard on formulating, fetching content, and telling brand stories, she’s traversing the bike trails in her lovely city of Madison, Wisconsin, building Gundam figurines, working on writing her own fiction, and reading the masterful works of acclaimed authors Stephen King and Terry Pratchett. And, as if that weren’t enough, she is an ordained minister in the Church of the Latter-Day Dude and officiates the occasional wedding.

Her favorite quote comes from one of her favorite authors:
“Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can.” – Terry Pratchett

Willow Ascenzo

Content Specialist

Pati is the Administrative Manager at Intuitive Websites.

Pati keeps Intuitive Websites organized and humming. In addition to assisting the staff and Intuitive Websites’ busy CEO and COO, developing the company’s HR policies and procedures, providing sales support, accounting, recruiting talent, and helping Its growing team, she interfaces with Intuitive Websites clients and keeps them informed and happy.

Pati enjoys onboarding new clients and employees, constantly learning about digital marketing, and keeping things moving and running smoothly.

When Pati’s not busy working, she enjoys the great outdoors and experiencing the beauty of the Mile High City. Her activities include Zumba, camping, hiking, snowboarding, paddle boarding, rafting, traveling, and attending concerts. However, sitting around or resting on her laurels is not for her.

Pati Barczynska

Administrative Manager

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