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Who is Thomas Young?

Thomas Young is a Vistage member and award-winning Vistage speaker since 2001. He has 25 years of experience in marketing and sales and has helped thousands of companies increase their sales through his speaking, books, consulting, and digital marketing work.

Tom is also a recipient of the Vistage Speaker Top Performer Award for 2021

  • 25+ engagements to Vistage groups in the previous year
  • 4.5+ average score
  • 95%+ recommended rate
  • Over 150 Vistage talks to date and counting

Tom is the founder of Intuitive Websites, a Colorado-based website design, development, and digital marketing agency.

Presentation Summary:

This workshop builds the foundation for what business leaders must know about digital marketing. This fast-paced workshop will help demystify digital marketing and provide the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and execute a successful digital marketing strategy

The webinar helps your digital marketing strategy by reviewing the following:

  • Digital Strategy

  • Design and Development

  • Traffic Generation and Awareness

  • Monitoring ROI

As an added bonus, get a FREE copy of Thomas Young’s newest book “Sales & Marketing Alignment”, “Winning The Website War” and “Digital Marketing Speaker One-Sheet”

Writing a thought-provoking and insightful sales and marketing book to drive sales results for your company is not easy. In my most recent book, “Sales and Marketing Alignment” Karl Becker and I put in the hard work because this knowledge is needed. Let us be your guide to increased sales revenues through the critical alignment of your sales and marketing teams with: Sales and Marketing Alignment

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