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Step 4: The most important step.

The stage is set. Yet, how do you know your digital marketing efforts are successful? By tracking and analyzing the digital footprint left behind in your data. Many businesses just “wing-it” without actually measuring results, resulting in “blind guessing” and unclear tactics. When this happens, you miss opportunities and insights are left untapped, conversions are overlooked, competitors surge ahead.

Guarantee successful digital marketing by getting the data you need to understanding what’s working, what’s not, knowing when to pivot, and ultimately, how much bang you’re actually getting for your marketing buck. We call that ROI.

Step 4: ROI and Digital Conversions

The critical intersection of measurable success and strategic growth.

ROI: Direct & Indirect

ROI (Return on Investment) is an important digital marketing metric and is used to evaluate the effectiveness of your digital marketing investments.
ROI can be both direct and indirect. Some investments are necessary, but have an indirect result, like an excellent website. Great websites provide increased brand awareness, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced brand loyalty, or happier employees.

You should expect to see direct ROI from your digital campaigns such as Google Ads, email marketing and SEO.

Digital Conversions

A digital conversion is measured as movement in your sales and marketing funnel. It can be an online purchase, signing up for a newsletter, submitting a contact form, downloading an eBook, registering for a webinar, or engaging with your social media content with a like, share, or comment. These conversions move your prospects closer to a sales and are critical to drive ROI from digital marketing.

Tracking conversions and optimizing your tactics to increase conversion rates are central to measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing and gauging the direct ROI.

Create Seamless Harmony Between Analytics and Strategy

Intuitive Websites’ tool box for capturing the data that matters and driving ROI for our clients.

  • Google Analytics 4

  • Agency Analytics

  • HubSpot

  • SEMRush

  • Heat Mapping – CrazyEgg

  • Growth-Driven Design

  • A/B Testing

  • Screaming Frog

  • SpyFu

The IW Four-Step Process

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