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Recent Webinars

Stop Wasting Your Marketing Money – How to Create a Story to Grow Your Business

Thomas Young, CEO of Intuitive Websites
Neil Anderson, StoryBrand Certified Guide

Tom Young, CEO of Intuitive Websites, and Neil Anderson, StoryBrand Certified Guide, review the StoryBrand Framework and how messaging in “The Hero’s Journey” will take the guesswork out of creating compelling content for your brand’s website and email communications. They cover:

~ The 7 simple steps required to create a “BrandScript”
~ How to position your customer as the hero and you as the hero’s guide
~ How to implement the story in your digital marketing efforts to drive sales

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Digital Marketing during the Coronavirus

Presented by Thomas Young and Mark Emmer
Smart companies continue marketing and communicating during times of crisis. It won’t help your company stay strong or recover if customers and prospects are not aware of what your brand is doing or how your company can help them through this crisis.

Thomas Young and Mark Emmer will review key digital tactics needed during the novel coronavirus threat and how to maintain contact with customers and attract people to your brand.