Keep It Simple – Don’t Make Your Site a Puzzle

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Glenn and Tom talk about how to make your website simple with smooth steps to conversion.

How to Make Things Simple on Your Site
  • Clear Navigation: Make sure menu choices don’t use jargon and don’t have too many choices on one page!
  • Effective Use of Graphics: Make sure graphics serve a purpose. Beware of “banner blindness” – don’t place important buttons as graphics. Make sure graphics are top notch – users will create instant impressions regarding quality of the site/company as a whole based on one glance at a photo. Use captions. Users looking at graphics will ALWAYS read the captions.
  • Watch Users: Do formal or informal user testing, use the best analytics packages to note what users do on your site. You will quickly see where they are confused or off-task. Fix those areas of the site.
  • Content: Don’t use too much content! Use content to clarify the primary message quickly. Bullets, headlines, linking text, and highlighted text get read. Block paragraphs do not. Don’t let company departments make a dumping ground of your site, stay focused on the marketing message and use a blog for dynamic, newsy content.
  • Be consistent: Don’t put common controls on the page in places people don’t expect!

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