How to Get More Likes in Social Media

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Podcast Number 74 — February 2012

This podcast covers generating conversions in blogs, social media or likes in Facebook and other social media sites.

How should we define a conversion in social media?

  • Any interaction between the visitor and your company is a conversion.
  • If they interact, it’s a conversion.
  • Most social media site visitors don’t interact, they just read what others are doing.
  • This is true of blogs as well.
  • Interactions are hard to measure because they may not be direct.

Why are these conversion important?

  • There are many examples where social media interaction is not important and can be a
  • distraction to driving results.
  • Web activity is building around interaction with social media.
  • If done correctly, these conversions drive business results including increased Web traffic
  • and sales for your company.

What should Web marketers being doing to drive conversions in social media?

  • Developing an overall Web strategy that builds interest.
  • What is your special content gift or message?
  • Implementing that strategy with great content.
  • Assigning the right person to social media updates.
  • Updating the right frequency of about once per week for social media and more often for
  • blog postings.

How are these conversions measured?

  • Likes and followers in Facebook.
  • Visits to LinkedIn pages and followers.
  • Google+ circles growth.
  • Twitter followers.
  • Blog visits and postings.
  • Website conversions.

What are the key action items for the listener?

  • See your social media strategy as an extension of your current business strategy.
  • Be ready to measure all direct and indirect results from blogs and social media.
  • Set goals for the various conversions discussed in this podcast.
  • Include blog and social media marketing in all Web marketing efforts.
  • Blog valuable content everyday.

Thomas Young

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  • Very interesting information and conversation about using social media. It’s very much a relationship building tool that can have great results over time. Will be interested to hear more.


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