Case Study

Wolff Industries

Wolff Industries is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of scissor sharpeners. They also manufacture and sell a large line of scissors, shears, knifes and related products. Wolff asked Intuitive Websites to design and market a new website to increase online sales and expand their digital marketing reach into new marketplaces.

The Wolff Industries Website Before the Redesign

The Challenge

Wolff Industries was in need of a brand revamp, as well as a new website. Their current website was outdated, the user interface discouraged effective eCommerce, and their brand was in need of an update. Wolff came to IW wanting to put the focus back on eCommerce for their products and update the website with a contemporary look and feel.

The Solution

The first step IW was to design a new logo. Incorporating the color of their best-selling scissor in a standalone mark with their company name, we created a professional logo that set the tone for a website redesign. This logo is now used extensively for Wolff offline branding as well.

Next up was a home page wireframe. The new layout and navigation structure in the wireframe worked to greatly simplify the user experience and present a compelling website that would encourage people to buy online. Once approved, we created a new look and feel that is contemporary and clean, and most importantly, very user friendly.

For the eCommerce portion, we worked on streamlining the product navigation, making it easier for customers to browse the breadth of their product line, reworked the product pages and made sure the checkout was clear and simple.

Finally, we installed reporting tools to track visitors and sales and gauge the effectiveness of our work.

The Results

The company is now able to closely track website sales and all stats associated with their strategic digital marketing efforts. The new site has resulted in increased online sales, increased website conversions and increased overall traffic. Equally as important, feedback from customers and distributors has been very positive.

The Wolff Industries Website After the Redesign

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