East Daley

B2B – Lead Gen and HubSpot


East Daley provides technical analysis, data, stats and trends on the ever changing markets for oil and natural gas. They are experts in midstream oil and gas data and how that impacts pricing and investments. The target market requires this information to best perform their jobs of investing in energy markets and driving a return for their shareholders.

East Daley came to IW looking to improve their website and subscription based client portal in HubSpot, get a suite of digital data to drive growth, grow their email contact list and drive leads and inquiries to drive top line revenue growth. East Daley wanted to see better movement through the sales funnel.

This case study demonstrates the power of integrating SEO, social media, email marketing, PPC, and educational content to achieve tangible business growth. It also shows how digital marketing is a team effort. The IW team working in conjunction with the team at East Daley reached new levels of success with their digital marketing.


  • Low Website Traffic and Poor Performance:
    The company struggled with attracting visitors to its website, which was crucial for showcasing its data services and reports. The old website was not designed well and users struggled to navigate the website and find content of value.
  • Limited Content on the Site:
    When East Daley started with IW in the fall of 2022, the content on the website was limited. While there was consistent content being created on the blog, those posts were gated so that only email subscribers could access them.
  • Limited Lead Generation:
    The difficult to use website and lack of website visitors translated into fewer business inquiries and potential leads.
  • HubSpot Issues:
    Their HubSpot CRM and email marketing tools were not configured properly to capture email addresses and effectively market Easy Daley’s industry leading content and research findings.

Digital Marketing Solutions from Intuitive Websites

Intuitive Websites provided several key services to meet Wiggam’s needs.

  • Hubspot Subscriber Portal

    IW helped audit and optimize East Daly’s paid subscription portal in HubSpot that includes reports and interactive analysis on midstream oil and gas data. W overhauled the existing portal design creating an improved version, making it easier for the East Daley team to expand in the future.

  • Refreshed and Expanded Website Content

    Refreshed the content and design on the East Daley homepage to showcase their key products and services and to highlight their consistently valuable content in a newsworthy way. Made previously gated blog posts public, so that anyone could read them on the website. This helped showcase their thought leadership expertise to a bigger audience and the consistent blog content significantly expanded their opportunities to get found in search. Crafted new content that expanded out the commodities pages with more details on the reports that they offer with benefit driven content and clear conversion points.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Reorganized the main navigation and structure of the site to highlight East Daley’s consulting and subscription offerings and free market insights. Increased top-of-funnel leads through refresh of all of the market insights pages for conversion points and adjusted the call-to-actions (CTA) throughout the site. A key page of interest was The Daley Note sign up page. The IW team refreshed the content and redesigned this page in June 2023 to encourage conversion. CTAs were adjusted on the homepage and top navigation to a clear “get midstream insights delivered daily” to go to the newly designed page. This page has seen tremendous growth in conversions since June. (See Appendix below for more details.) 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Comprehensive keyword research focused on energy market trends, data analytics, and industry-specific terms and optimized the site for search. SEO technical fixes to ensure the consistent blog content was getting crawled by Google and it had the best chance of being seen by prospective clients. Consistent SEO audits and optimization of the website and the East Daley experts continue to crank out valuable content on their blog.

  • HubSpot Customer Database and Email Marketing Optimization

    IW worked with East Daley to elevate and optimize their Hubspot email marketing initiatives including a comprehensive list cleanup, revised workflows, lead scoring, and implementation of HubDB so the East Daley Team could get the most out of their contacts. IW reworked and redesigned existing automated email workflows and created additional ones specifically tailored to engage new email subscribers. Recognizing the extended sales process at East Daley, IW focused on consistent email nurturing and visibility on what is happening within the contact database, ensuring a steady flow of relevant content to guide potential clients through the journey.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

    Targeted Google Ads campaigns were carefully designed to enhance brand awareness and capture visitors from competitors, thereby strengthening East Daley’s market presence. These campaigns also played a pivotal role in providing essential support for leads in both subscription and consulting offerings.

    Acknowledging the distinctive landscape of the energy sector, East Daley expanded their reach through the use of LinkedIn Ads. This platform proved to be instrumental in establishing direct connections with professionals in the energy industry, fostering engagement, and broadening East Daley’s network within the target market.

  • Customized Digital Reporting

    Prior to the engagement with IW, East Daley had no visibility into their digital marketing efforts. Custom reporting was set up in Google Analytics 4, HubSpot, Agency Analytics and SEMRush to measure solid growth in 2023.

  • Ongoing Project Management

    Managing projects in such a technical landscape demanded superior account management and organizational skills, and East Daley’s IW account manager, Kylie, played a pivotal role in maintaining the momentum of the portal rebuild, website refresh, and paid advertising initiatives.

  • Results

    East Daley experienced its best year ever in 2023 with an improved website, top-notch HubSpot implementation, great content and more.


The screenshots below were from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data in 2023, after IW engagement.

The site averaged almost 7k users to the site per month over the 9ish month period. Compared to 122 per month in 2022 that was huge growth!

To note: GA4 started tracking in March 2023, so the graph below is missing a few months of data for the year, however even without that, it’s still clear to see the growth in total users to the site.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

When East Daley started with IW the site was ranking for 256 keywords, now the site is ranking for 1,994 and we’re not slowing down.

The website went from ranking from: 31 keywords with commercial intent and 38 keywords with transactional intent to ranking for 330 keywords with commercial intent and 283 keywords with transactional intent. This means a greater number of people coming to the site are further down the sales funnel and more likely to turn into new leads.

HubSpot Contacts

As of the end of November 2023 East Daley has 19,128 contacts in HubSpot, up from 2,536 the previous year.

337 came from organic search
83 from email marketing
48 from paid search

HubSpot Landing Page CRO

IW redesigned The Daley Note landing page in June 2023. This is East Daley’s primary source for growing their email subscriber list. The screenshot below shows results from HubSpot following the redesign and CTA adjustments to this page throughout the site.

Page views increased about 91% compared to the first half of the year and form submissions increased over 1,000%.

This top-of-funnel sign-up page resulted in six sales deals and nearly $5k in attributed revenue.


East Daley’s strategic application of digital marketing techniques resulted in substantial growth in their website traffic, lead generation, and email subscriber base. Their success underscores the importance of a multi-faceted digital marketing approach tailored to the industry’s specific audience and trends.

New visitors to the site grew dramatically over the past year and this has resulted in a significant increase in HubSpot contacts and potential leads. Client feedback has been that 2023 was their best year ever and IW is thrilled to have played a role in that growth.