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B2C – Lead Gen and Website Design


Wiggam Law was in the process of a major business restructuring following the departure of a partner in the firm. The firm purchased a new domain name and was in need of a new website, logo and other brand elements.

Determined to expand their client base and establish a strong online presence, they turned to Intuitive Websites’ digital marketing strategies. This case study outlines the steps Wiggam Law took to leverage digital marketing channels, resulting in a significant increase in clients and an impressive return on investment (ROI).


Wiggam Law was looking for an innovative approach to increase its visibility, reach a wider audience, and stand out in the competitive Atlanta tax resolution market. They struggled in the past with digital agencies who lacked a solid structure and key processes to drive results.

They were also looking for a digital marketing agency who could measure and report on ROI and marketing results.

Wiggam did not have the people or resources to adequately get marketing work done internally, they were very strong in talking with prospective clients after they made contact with the firm, but needed help in generating inquiries.

Digital Marketing Solutions from Intuitive Websites

Intuitive Websites provided several key services to meet Wiggam’s needs.

  • New Website

    A new WordPress website was designed and launched by Intuitive Websites that immediately got traction in search and generated high conversion rates. The site can be seen at WiggamLaw.com.

  • Updated Digital Content

    Content was StoryBranded to better connect with the personas identified in strategic planning sessions with Wiggam Law.

  • HubSpot

    HubSpot was integrated into various digital marketing platforms for email marketing and email workflows to better communicate and follow-up with targeted prospects.

  • SEO

    The WordPress website was fully optimized for SEO driving traffic growth and inquiries from new clients.

  • Google Ads

    A high performing Google Ads program was launched driving significant ROI and growth in new clients for the firm.

  • Social Media

    Calendars and content strategies were developed to get people in the Wiggam sales funnel from social interactions and traffic generation.


Within a few short months Wiggam Law has seen growth in new clientele and great brand exposure in multiple digital channels.

  • Website traffic is approaching 3000 visitors a month on the new website in only a 10 month period.
  • Over the same period, the website has generated over 1700 inquiries in various forms.
  • The website is ranked for 2,275 organic keywords and 139 on page one of Google.
  • Google Ads traffic is converting at 9.5% above the 7% Google benchmark. This successful ad campaign has resulted in 89 new clients to date.
  • Wiggam Law was very pleased and reported. “This is the best outcome we’ve ever had with Google Ads, and the ROI is there.”
  • Email marketing open rates exceed 30%.
  • Email click through rates are approaching 10%, well above the industry standard.
  • Social media engagement is up and supporting growth with 300 new posts, over 23K impressions and nearly 1000 new followers.
  • Lead acquisitions costs are down across the board and ROI is significant.


By embracing Intuitive Website’s Four-Step Process and Growth Driven Design model, Wiggam Law successfully expanded its clientele and solidified its presence in the competitive Atlanta tax resolution market.

The firm’s experience demonstrates the immense potential of digital marketing strategies in helping law firms reach their growth objectives, connect with potential clients, and distinguish themselves from competitors.

Intuitive Websites’ provided digital marketing strategies, tactics and results never seen with other marketing firms and Wiggam Law is a highly satisfied client.


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