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Intuitive Websites LLC  provides free Website reviews. This podcast will review that was brought our attention by one of our podcast listeners. Plus More Media provides creative media solutions that make an impact for your business. For over five years they have been helping clients improve their business through customer focused Web design, graphic design, and video production services.

Let’s take a look at

Website Audits Review Each of the Four Steps :  When looking at a site we review all four of the steps to a successful Website. 

1. Strategy:
2. Design and Development
3. Driving Traffic
4. Website Performance

Strategy and Design

  • Message is not direct enough to tell us what the site is about in 5-10 seconds. Perhaps choose a tag-line that follows the navigation. Focus on Web graphic design and video production and show differentiation–what makes your company different.
  • Professional design, clear navigation and layout.
  • Suggested a rotator image to get across your message : a “big” image to communicate quickly what your business is offering.
  • Simplify the home page and tell the rest of the story within the site. Scale back on homepage content.
  • Focus on conversion point–they are using “Deal of the Month”, this is a good offer and shows a good impression. The offer should be duplicated throughout the site.
  • Banners are often hidden to users. Many graphics are often not seen.

Driving Traffic:

  • The site is using very competitive and generic keywords. They are missing ‘where you live’ in the title tag to narrow focus. Use niche words.
  • Resource tab is missing–place for free stuff and more content.
  • Blog link difficult to find, on the New navigation. Did a good job putting the articles on separate pages. Long scrolling page, it would be helpful to make all links blue and underline. Brief description then lead to complete article.
  • There is a lot of good content on the site, work on the organization and accessibility of it.


  • How many leads are coming to the site and how many are converted to customers?  Difficult to find the Contact information. Recommend phone and Email on every page with prominent placement.
  • Form on contact page is great but could add area to find out what the potential client really needs or present them an offer for completing the form. Add information when customer what time frame they will be contact.
  • An About Us page with photos and information about the people that make up the company/service is what users want to see. People also want to see the client list and what you have done for them. Present credibility as well as the people/personal side of your business.
  • Avoid blocks of text. Use bullets or at least headlines over the blocks of text.

 Action plan

  • Simplify and make content more direct.
  • Make conversion points more visible and easily found.
  • Focus the graphic images.
  • More local focus and niche categories/keywords/strategy to drive traffic–use stats to help make these decisions
  • Change conversion points  to an “offer of the month” and reinforce that you have  service to offer.

Thomas Young

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Thomas Young

Thomas Young is the CEO and Founder of Intuitive Websites. He is a consultant, award winning Vistage speaker and author of Winning the Website War available on Amazon. Tom has helped thousands of companies succeed online and has over 20 years digital marketing experience.