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Google Insights for Search

How to Utilize Google Insights for Search.

Google Insights for Search is an online tool used to track keyword search trends and patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and Website properties. Recognizing these patterns can help you spot future trends and take advantage of the directions of keywords relevant to your business.

Things to understand about Google Insights for Search:

  •  Trends and History. Do your keyword homework first. To better understand future keyword trends, research your keyword history. Be certain to take advantage of the Google Keyword Tool in order to examine relevant keyword data.
  • Do Search Analysis. Paying attention to the overall keyword trends is helpful, but don’t ignore the percentages from Google’s “Regional Interest” and “Top Searches” found on the “Insight for Search” results. These can help you focus both your demographics and your SEO.
  •  What’s Trending. Focus on “Rising Searches,” highlighted searches that have experienced significant growth in a given time period. This section provides percentages of growth and also marks breakout terms, search terms that have experienced a growth greater than 5000%!
  • Pop Culture. Be aware that certain keyword patterns are affected by current events—whether they’re movies, games, TV shows, politics or other popular events. When considering a new keyword to pursue, check “Interest Over Time” events to make sure you aren’t fooled into riding a temporary wave of activity that will peter out.

See the Google links below for more information and good luck with your keyword analysis.

Google Insights for Search

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