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Five Reasons to Start Using AI in Your Digital Marketing

In my new book coming in the summer of 2024, Digital Marketing in the Age of AI, I’ll show you how to use AI to supercharge your digital marketing. Let’s review five of the book’s AI strategies you can get started on right away.

AI Prompts As Your Personal Sales and Marketing Consultant

In a way, AI is like the world’s most intelligent sales and marketing consultant. It has access to content from the entire internet and is designed to create a story from those inputs making AI an incredible marketing tool. After all, effective marketing is about connecting with your target market’s personal stories. AI isn’t always great about facts, information or history, but AI is great at creating stories of value and of benefit to your prospective customers. This is why AI is so useful in support of your sales and marketing strategies.

How you get the best sales and marketing advice from AI is determined by the questions you ask and how you use AI prompts. The effective use of ChatGPT 4 or Google’s Gemini for digital marketing starts with how you write prompts.

Many people give up on AI because their prompts or questions are generic and not descriptive or detailed enough to generate useful responses. Also, poor use of AI prompts is driving the creation of generic AI content which Google will eventually ban from search and users do not like.

Be highly descriptive with your prompts and mention your industry or company name. Use prompts as if you are texting and having a discussion with a high level marketing consultant. AI works best when content is very specific to your industry, customers and marketplace.

Use prompts to create a dialogue, just as you would if you had the world’s greatest sales and marketing consultant at your fingertips.

One way to get started is by asking questions about your greatest marketing challenges. Here is an example.

Key AI Prompt: Our company sells (fill in your product or services) to (fill in your target market segments) and our greatest sales and marketing challenge is _______. How do we overcome this challenge and increase sales?

AI to Uncover Your Key Benefits

People buy from your company because of the benefits they receive from your products and services. AI can give you a thorough and accurate checklist of benefits for each of your key market segments. You can then make sure these benefits are featured in your digital content, on your website and in your sales discussions with prospective customers. Place these benefits on your website homepage, key website landing pages, social media content, emails and more.

Your target market cares about benefits. You can verify AI generated benefits by asking your customers why they buy from your company.

Key AI Prompt: Write a list of benefits customers want from (fill in your company, products or services).

AI for Personas

This may be the most powerful use of AI in digital marketing. The best marketers on the planet live inside the heads of their ideal customers. The worst marketers live inside their own head and can’t visualize their customer’s needs. You can use AI to create a persona matching your ideal customer types. This enables you to understand their specific and unique needs as they research your company. This allows you to meet their needs with content they want to read and, more importantly, show empathy and understanding to where they are in their life story.

Use AI to write marketing personas and move your marketing team to action so your brand is found by these personas.

Key AI Prompt: Write a marketing persona for (fill in with your company, services or products).

AI for Digital Content

Once you have personas clearly identified, you can use AI to determine the content topics your personas want to read. You can also use AI to find them where they research your products and services online. This allows you to move fast on digital content and avoid the content delays that so often plague digital marketing teams.

Focus on three channels with your AI generated content, first your website content to get found in Google search results, second social media content and third email marketing content that connects with your audience where they are in their personal life story. Keep in mind, all AI generated content is first draft content and must be reviewed by a human.

Key AI Prompt: What content topics do our marketing personas want to read?

Use the same prompt thread used to prepare your personas and the AI tool will know which personas you are referring to in your prompt.

AI To Drive Sales Funnel Movement and Grow Sales

AI is your personal sales and marketing consultant. It is a great tool for understanding where prospective customers are in their sales research journey, which is your sales funnel. The greatest challenge to many companies is moving people through a sales funnel. AI can help solve this challenge with strategic ideas, updated and improved content, conversion recommendations and more.

AI can help define the funnel, recommend funnel conversion points, write first draft content, analyze the results and help modify funnel strategies over time.

Key AI Prompt: When marketing (insert your product or services here) how do you move our targeted marketing persona through the sales funnel and close the sale?


AI is an incredible sales and marketing tool. AI is best when it supports you in what you already do well. So, the better you understand sales and marketing the better the results from AI tools.

How you use prompts and interact with your favorite AI tool will get you better results and also improve the AI tool over time.

It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would not use AI in their digital marketing. Missing out on AI will hurt their ability to compete and drive growth. This is the perfect time to get started using AI to support your sales and marketing efforts.

Reach out to the team at Intuitive Website for a complimentary discussion on the use of AI with your digital marketing and start taking advantage of this revolutionary technology.

Thomas Young

Thomas Young is the CEO and Founder of Intuitive Websites. He is a consultant, award winning Vistage speaker and author of “Winning the Website War” and “Sales and Marketing Alignment.” Tom has helped thousands of companies succeed online and has over 25 years digital marketing experience.