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The New Consumer

Although customers generally share fundamental traits, the growth and spread of technology in the Information Age has changed how many consumers behave and approach content. Keep these traits in mind when you think about the New Consumer:

  • New Consumers are users and readers. They’re impatient and want convenience.
  • They scan and don’t like to read on a computer screen.
  • They will read on portable screens.
  • Offer quick, concrete, relevant and timely advice.
  • Most just read, some want to comment or ask a question.
  • New Consumers look for organized Websites with content standards.
  • They are a part of the self-service world.
  • People are more important than companies or brands to drive leads.
  • A smart consumer can see through the sizzle.
  • Transparency is important!
  • New Consumers recognize the important of selecting the right technology.
  • The New Consumer wants to trust you.
  • The New Consumer is inundated with noise!
  • They are very skeptical of what they don’t know.
  • Loyalty is more important to minimize options.

For more about what customers want, read about the fundamentals.


Thomas Young

Thomas Young is the CEO and Founder of Intuitive Websites. He is a consultant, award winning Vistage speaker and author of “Winning the Website War” and “Sales and Marketing Alignment.” Tom has helped thousands of companies succeed online and has over 25 years digital marketing experience.