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Getting the Most Out of AI in Digital Marketing Now: eBook

If you thought large language models (LLMs) were just sci-fi mumbo jumbo, think again!

These tools, also known as AI chat, are causing a stir across every industry. From OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Google’s upcoming Bard, the world is on edge, wondering how they will disrupt our work and personal lives.

In the world of digital marketing, AI is a game-changer. ChatGPT is already flexing its muscles as a growing digital marketing tool, and with some savvy know-how, you’ll be able to accelerate your marketing efforts and get found.

Life’s Better When We Work Together: AI and the Modern Digital Marketer

If you haven’t dabbled in AI yet, now’s not the time to be left behind. Our new free eBook, A Marketing Revolution: AI and Digital Marketing, will provide a high-level overview of AI chat’s general capabilities and how to use them to your advantage. This eBook is jam-packed with tips and secrets on how AI can help you get a leg up on content, gain industry insights, augment your sales team, and perform competitive analysis.

AI platforms are amazing for boosting your business and reaching new customers. As these platforms continue to evolve every day, the fine details of their functions will always be changing. But no matter how advanced they get, the foundation of how they work and how marketers can use them effectively are unlikely to change too much.

That’s why in this eBook, we’ll focus on a high-level overview of how you can leverage AI to transform your digital marketing efforts—starting with content.

Why AI and Digital Marketing Are the New Peanut Butter and Jelly

AI and digital marketing are a match made in heaven, like PB&J. By taking advantage of AI tools, marketing teams can gain a significant edge over competitors who aren’t using them. The reason AI works so well in digital marketing is that both rely on the same basic principles:

Both digital marketing and AI platforms:

  • Let us avoid pain or solve a problem
  • Help us gain something we desire
  • Enable us to save time and money

When two people are both trying to accomplish the same goal, they can either compete against each other or work together in harmony. Competing with AI won’t do you any good, but incorporating AI into your digital marketing strategy will.

In this eBook, we’ll walk you through all the “how’s” of AI-augmented content marketing:

  • How AI tools can help you build a “story-telling approach” to content marketing
  • How AI can help you research the benefits and risks associated with your products and services and those of your competitors
  • How to create first-draft content with AI tools and overcome the dreaded blank page
  • How to use AI to optimize your website’s content for keywords or personalize it to match specific customer personas
  • How AI helps you make new multi channel content to support your existing content
  • How you can use AI to create mid-funnel content, such as interactive tools and gated digital resources
  • How to ask AI platforms the right questions to get the most out of their abilities
  • How to do keyword research with AI
  • How to improve sales performance and perform competitive research with AI

At Intuitive Websites, we’re dedicated to remaining on the cutting-edge of the changing world of digital marketing and AI. If you’re curious about what we can do to make sure you get heard, get seen, and get results, reach out to us today:

Willow Ascenzo

Contributing author: Willow Ascenzo, one of IW’s content specialists based in southern Wisconsin. Prior to joining IW, Willow had over six years of experience crafting long-form website content for various tech startups in the Madison area.