A Marketing Revolution: AI and the Future of Digital Marketing

Explore the possibilities of AI and ChatGPT in digital marketing with an eBook from the team at Intuitive Websites.

Get on the ground floor of the new marketing revolution while AI Chat is still in its infancy.

It seems you can’t go anywhere on the internet these days without hearing about AI Chat and AI-generated content. AI is poised to transform just about every industry, and digital marketing is no exception.

In this eBook, you’ll find practical, high-level information on how you can use AI tools like ChatGPT today and in the coming years to breathe new life into your content marketing strategy:

  • Research benefits and risks for your products and services
  • Produce first-draft content
  • Optimize your website for keywords and search performance
  • Bring your content into multiple marketing channels
  • Get a leg up on middle-of-funnel content

This eBook includes case studies, advice on how to ask AI chat tools the right questions, and information on how you can use AI as a sales funnel tool. Don’t get left behind—the world is changing fast, and it’s up to you to change with it!

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