Winning the Website WarWinning the Website War on Two Fronts

By Thomas Young, CEO Intuitive Websites

The book “Winning the Website War” is written for the business leader who wants a successful website. These leaders are fighting the battles needed to launch and manage a winning strategic digital marketing program. For the most part they’re fighting on two fronts. The first is out-performing their competition and the second is developing an effective strategic digital marketing team. The objective of the book is to win at both those challenges.

The book is not written for website marketing professionals, although they will get value. It is written for business owners or key managers who are leading strategic digital marketing efforts for their companies, but are not going to handle design or technology issues directly. Their job is to make the website productive and provide direction to a team of experts that will be doing the work and following a strategic plan. The book is a starting point for those efforts and presents a proven process for getting results from your website and Internet marketing.

Business leaders at all levels interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of how to generate leads and grow sales from their online marketing efforts must learn to how to market online and build a team. “Winning the Website War” is not a technical book, but rather a strategic book that helps business leaders ask the right questions and set a strategic groundwork for strategic digital marketing success. Strategy wins wars and the right strategy wins online.

The book is important because many business leaders turn over strategic strategic digital marketing efforts and decisions to team members before they take the time to learn the fundamentals and basics of strategic digital marketing. Those fundamentals are needed to set direction for this work and to drive results. They are also needed so business leaders can write a strategic digital marketing plan and set the right priorities. Lack of web knowledge should no longer be an excuse for the business leader’s lack of involvement in strategic online marketing. This book lays the foundation for the involvement necessary to compete online and win the website war.

A Proven Process Gets Results

Smart business leaders and managers know that companies with excellent processes get better results. Yet, most companies fail to follow a proven process or system for marketing on the Internet. They often take advice from people who are not thinking strategically about their business, which leads to poor results. It is also common for strategic digital marketing teams to just wing it or to guess at what users want from their website.

The book “Winning the Website War” introduces business leaders to a Four-Step Process for getting results from their strategic digital marketing efforts. Your company website and the Internet are critically important marketing resources and can drive success or failure for organizations looking to increase sales, get more leads and retain customers and clients. For these reasons a strategic process is critical to success and just “winging it” will not bring adequate returns on your time and money.

Making the Complex Simple

The book strives to take something that is very complex to most business people and make it simple. Few business leaders have adequate training in the comprehensive nature of strategic digital marketing. The Four-Step Process breaks it down into simple and clear sections to help the business leader develop action plans and assign the right people to tasks. This assures the work gets done and you see results from your website. This book is a comprehensive approach to strategic digital marketing, and although the focus is primarily on your company website, the book considers social media sites and other web properties that will include content about your company.

Simplifying the world of online marketing into four steps will help business leaders understand the big picture so they can develop a successful strategy. In that way, the book becomes the roadmap and blueprint for a strategic digital marketing strategy and Internet marketing plan that can drive results for your business.

Strategies for Every Industry

The strategies in “Winning the Website War” are universal and apply across industries and market segments. These best practices for strategic digital marketing strategies come from hands-on experience with many types of businesses across many market segments and with a wide variety of websites. The collected recommendations from across market segments is added value to readers as it helps business leaders understand which techniques work across those market segments.

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