Website Review:

Podcast Number 67 — September 2011

In this Internet marketing podcast Glenn and Tom review a Website submitted by a listener and Intuitive Website’s Podcast subscriber. The site is Listen to the podcast to hear tips and suggestions to improve your Web marketing efforts.

Here are the action items from the Podcast.

  • Simplify and work with a high-end graphic designer for consulting.
  • Write simple clear taglines to drive conversions.
  • Build on what is working offline.
  • Organize the content and simplify the site map.

Thomas Young

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  • Good points Jim. We have found that the better a Website does at communicating to a wide audience AND meeting the needs of its target market, the better the conversion rate. There is no down-side risk to most people understanding this site and much upside gain. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Hi Glen and Tom…

    My comment is your review of the website.

    With all due respect I had to laugh at your critical opinion of the organization of the website. Your comments of how is he trying to make money, what is the catch?

    Any one who knows anything about futures would know exactly what eMiniMind would be about. You need a mindset to trade Emini futures of any kind….. S&P futures ES, Euro futures 6E and so on.

    I can understand the “what is the catch” part because with all my many years of trading I have seen tons of websites who want to sell you books, tools, trading gimmicks, education, and so on, for astronomical prices.

    I did enjoy you review however, but to be fair to Tim his website and what his intent is………..he trades futures like many others of us in the trading community which by the way is very difficult, and we are always looking for improvement.

    Tim, and there is just a handful, is a very good day trader and if someone was so inclined to trade futures, his information is an invaluable resource. I would like to think that Tim’s intent is that…………true success is built on the success of others.



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