Driving Growth with Direct Sales – Proven Techniques To Boost Sales Without Creating Channel Conflict


To stay relevant and drive growth in today’s rapidly changing competitive landscape, manufacturers need to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy their products.  Using Direct Sales is a proven method many have leveraged to boost their growth as Amazon and other ecommerce companies disrupt traditional sales patterns.  However, turning to Direct Sales is not without risk, and poorly conceived or executed strategies can cause conflict or alienate key channel partners.

In this webinar, Vistage member and speaker Thomas Young, Founder of Intuitive Websites, will show you how to use the latest digital marketing tools along with proven win-win strategies to grow Direct Sales in a way that minimizes channel conflict and can even grow reseller channels at the same time!

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Webinar Info

  • Date (Past): Thursday, May 4th, 2017
  • Length: 60 min

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • A digital marketing process for manufactures selling direct
  • The importance and value of the manufacturer’s online brand
  • How to get sales at full retail and support all sales channels
  • The use of customer loyalty programs to drive sales
  • Google Analytics and web stats to drive direct and channel sales and watch ROI
  • How to get feedback from sales channels and customers on direct sales
  • Amazon (and similar websites) threats and opportunities
  • Use of online conversion points beyond direct sales including email marketing, social media, content marketing and subscriptions, new reseller recruitment and applications and more.

SPEAKER:  Thomas Young, Intuitive Websites

Thomas Young, CEO of Intuitive Websites, a Colorado based Internet marketing and Website development firm. Tom has worked with hundreds of clients from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups on improving Web marketing efforts. To learn more about Intuitive Websites contact Tom at [email protected].