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Healthcare Services – Digital Marketing and Website Design


This client of Intuitive Websites (IW), a renowned and trusted medical services provider for specific chronic conditions, wishes to remain anonymous due to privacy and compliance issues. Despite the value of their service offerings, the firm struggled with product awareness and digital marketing results. As a result, they came to Intuitive Websites seeking support in their marketing goals.


This firm occupied a unique niche in the healthcare industry. However, due to an outdated website that lacked user-friendliness and a lack of optimization of their email marketing campaigns, the firm was struggling to build awareness of their offerings among potential clients.

They were looking for a digital marketing agency that would help them:

  • Grow their customer and referral base
  • Design and launch a new and improved website that was a significant improvement over their existing website
  • Increase awareness and understanding of their products and services among patients and healthcare professionals
  • Optimize their utilization of HubSpot to stay in touch with their contact database more effectively through email marketing and contact management

Digital Marketing Solutions from Intuitive Websites

Intuitive Websites leveraged our extensive experiences and resources to transform this client’s website and marketing strategies:

  • SEO and Content Marketing

    To increase organic reach and awareness, Intuitive Websites optimized the firm’s website content for search engines, focusing on keywords related to their medications, services, and products. IW began developing periodic blog content as well as mid-funnel assets to build the firm’s thought leadership and connect with current and prospective patients, sharing insights about their medications and the firm’s benefits to patients and referral sources.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Recognizing the importance of social media in modern healthcare communication, IW utilized the firm’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn channels to share their blog content, user testimonials, and product updates to reach key prospective customers and leverage word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Email Marketing with HubSpot

    The firm implemented an email marketing campaign, targeting both new and existing patients with personalized content about their team, services and products, as well as special promotions.

  • Paid Advertising

    To reach a broader audience, the firm invested in Google Ads and social media paid advertising managed by IW, using carefully researched keywords and demographic targeting.

  • Influencer Partnership

    The firm partnered with patient advocates and advocacy groups to leverage their audience and credibility as thought leaders in the medical community and promoted the benefits their firm offered to new patients and referral sources.

  • Brand Positioning and Refresh

    The firm had recently been brought under new ownership and required a thoughtful brand refresh to maintain and continue to build trust with both new patients and the existing customer base. The website redesign and brand refresh enabled the firm to maintain the core of its brand identity while growing the business in new areas.


After the implementation period, the firm experienced significant improvements in three key areas:

  1. Website Traffic: Over a nine month period, the website brought in over 3,500 users from organic search, resulting in 147 contacts and three confirmed sales. Traffic has nearly tripled in this time frame. Overall the website had a 4% conversion rate leading to over 1,200 contacts in an eight month period and growing.
  2. Email Conversion: Email campaigns achieved a high open rate at over 20% and a conversion rate of nearly 4%.
  3. Paid Advertising ROI: Paid advertising led to over 600 inquiries and several new patients. There was a 35% rise in website visitors, with a conversion rate of 6%, which translated into 4 sales. For a company where one sale is typically six figures, that is a strong result. The return on advertising spend (ROAS) was 14:1, indicating a very successful investment.

With the help of our methodical and attentive work throughout our Four-Step Process, the firm kept its online platform running smoothly throughout the entire website redesign and launch process.

The continuity of their online operations ensured they could maintain contact with current and new patients and continue to provide their essential services without missing a beat.


The firm’s new website and digital marketing campaigns were successful in increasing awareness and sales. By using a multi-pronged approach, the firm managed to reach a larger audience and effectively communicate the benefits of their products and services.

Moving forward with the support of IW, the firm will continue to refine their digital marketing strategy based on ongoing analysis and changing market trends.

This client’s success story serves as an effective demonstration of the potential of strategic digital marketing and Intuitive Websites’ Four-Step Process.