Marketing for Manufacturers Selling Direct Case Study


Intuitive Websites (IW) has extensive experience and specializes in designing and developing websites and digital marketing for manufacturers. Many of these firms sell direct on the Internet. These manufacturing clients get a digital marketing partner, not a vendor, who will increase sales and leads.

Our focus is on bringing world-class digital marketing skills directly to your team. We work closely with you so results can be maximized and we can protect and promote the integrity of your brand online.

Here is what we know about manufacturers selling direct:

  • Manufacturers must respect their distribution channels when selling direct.
  • Manufacturers selling direct must maintain strict pricing and shipping policies.
  • The website must be very easy to use and buy product.
  • The website is used as an online catalog and some users will search on the site and buy from a distributor to get price savings.
  • The website must be a content resource for users.
  • The website is used to support and grow key markets and loyal followers.
  • The website must list retailers and distributors and encourage visitors to shop at their locations and websites.
  • It may be necessary to provide a login for distributors to buy directly from the site using segmented and targeted pricing.
  • Product databases must communicate between the website and internal systems.
  • Product photography and descriptions must be the best online.
  • The manufacturer’s digital marketing efforts must be the best in class for your target market.

Case Study: Wolff Industries

Company Profile

Wolff Industries is one of the world’s largest manufactures of scissor sharpeners. They also manufacture and sell a large line of scissors, shears, knifes and related products. It is a family run business with a large and highly segmented marketplace.


Wolff asked IW to design and market a new website to increase online sales and leads. They were looking for a comprehensive solution for their entire digital marketing platform to drive overall growth for the company. IW started with a digital marketing for manufacturers plan, logo and branding updates and then moved to a new eCommerce website and other digital marketing services to drive traffic such as SEO, content marketing and social media.

The Wolff Industries Website Before the Redesign

Marketing for Manufacturers Case Study: Website Redesign Before

Website Before

The old Wolff website was a content based site with very little reporting capabilities, design elements or digital marketing. The home page was more like an interior web page. The website lacked a fully functional eCommerce system. There was little digital marketing or SEO in place for the website.

The Wolff Industries Website After the Redesign

Marketing for Manufacturers Case Study: Website Redesign After

After Website Redesign

The new website includes a new logo designed by IW, a fully functional eCommerce system and modern design, along with a new merchandising strategy. Also, the site was optimized for SEO, a blog was added, email marketing, social media management and more.

Website Traffic

Website traffic has grown considerably during our time with Wolff. The average pages per visit, time on the site and bounce rate are very healthy for the new site.

Marketing for Manufacturers Case Study Website Traffic

Website SEO Optimization

The majority of this traffic came from SEO efforts. Here is a summary of SEO growth:
Marketing for Manufacturers Case Study SEO Optimization

Conversions, Online Sales and Leads

Sales and online conversions were not tracked accurately prior to working with IW. The sales growth has been impressive:
Marketing for Manufacturers Case Study Conversions


The new Wolff website increased online sales, website conversions and overall traffic continues to grow. Feedback from customers and distributors was positive and the company is now able to closely track website sales and all stats associated from their digital marketing efforts. Wolff continues to expand their digital marketing services with IW and will continue to watch sales increase.

The new website has became a very important key sales channel for Wolff Industries.

Case Study: Card Lock Company

Company Profile

Card Lock Company manufactures door locking systems used by thousands of fraternal organizations and clubs around the country.


Card Lock came to Intuitive Websites looking to design a new website and grow their sales. They were also looking to develop an Internet marketing strategy to better meet customer needs. A strategic web marketing plan was developed to outline the key steps to grow sales online. A new website was design and marketed and sales leads grew considerably.

The Card Company Website Before the Redesign

Marketing for Manufacturers Case Study: Website Redesign Before

After the Website Redesign

The new website has a much more modern design with easy to find conversion points. Card Lock let us know personally they have no plans to cut back on web marketing efforts because of leads flowing from their new website.

The Card Lock Company Website After the Redesign

Marketing for Manufacturers Case Study: Website Redesign After

Website Traffic

Website traffic for Card Lock is increasing steadily:

Marketing for Manufacturers Case Study Google Analytics

Organic Traffic Growth

Most of the new traffic is coming from organic search engine results in Google:

Marketing for Manufacturers Organic Traffic Growth

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