Marketing for Home Builders


Intuitive Websites uses a proven process to drive results with home builders and the process can be used with new home builder clients’ digital marketing efforts to assist in growing their company, supporting their brand and for recruiting high-level employees.


Intuitive Websites has worked with several home builders over the past ten years to improve their digital marketing return and grow their company, including the following businesses:

Keller Homes – SEO and digital marketing consulting
Cordera Development – Website design, SEO, content and digital marketing consulting
Saddletree Homes – SEO and digital marketing consulting
Copperleaf Homes – Website design, SEO, content, blogs and digital marketing consulting
Southern Crafted Homes – Website design, SEO, content, blogs and digital marketing consulting
Goetzmann Homes – Website design, SEO, content, blogs, email marketing, social media and digital marketing consulting
Saint Aubyn Homes – Website design, SEO, content, blogs, social media and digital marketing consulting

This report will provide case studies for Goetzmann Homes and Saint Aubyn Homes.

Intuitive Websites has seen solid digital marketing results for home builders. This includes increasing traffic to their website, growing and tracking leads and designing websites to support the quality of the home building experience for each builder. The quality of the home builder’s website is an expression of the quality of their work.

Home Builder Case Study: Goetzmann Homes

Company Profile

Goetzmann Homes is a home builder in Colorado Springs founded by Phil Goetzmann 35 years ago and is built on a foundation of high level services and quality homes. The company builds about 25 homes a year and focuses on semi-custom floorpans in Colorado Springs communities. Goetzmann also builds fully custom homes on a select basis.

They were looking for their website to be a key marketing channel for the company and better represent their brand with prospective buyers and referral sources.


We started with a digital marking plan to provide direction to our website design team’s first draft wireframe. Once the wireframe was approved we moved to the design stage.

Here is what the website looked like before we updated the design:

marketing for home builders before website

Here is what the website looks like after launching our new design:

marketing for home builders website redesign after
The new design is a better representation of their brand and has made people excited to learn more about Goetzmann, visit their model homes and make contact with the Goetzmann sales. It is mobile friendly and drives leads weekly to their sales team.

Website Traffic

Traffic to the Goetzmann website has increased 70% since IW started marketing the site. This has resulted in more people visiting the model home and a great awareness of Goetzmann Homes in the Colorado Springs. The is the result of organic SEO.

Aug-July timeframes for new first time visitors.

Traffic has increased by 43% over the same period last year and continues to grow.
2012 – 6,036 Users
2013 – 6,895 Users (IW SEO efforts in place)
2014 – 10,735 Users
2015 – 11,220 Users
2016 – 9,324 Users
2017 – 8,337 Users (9 months trending back to 11,000 visits)

Here is the SEO growth over the past five years:

marketing for home builders SEO

Conversions and Sales Leads

Goetzmann has received 317 leads since we started marketing their website. Over 40% of those leads come from organic SEO efforts.

This has resulted in steady growth and record sales for this local Colorado Springs home builder.


IW’s comprehensive approach to a winning digital marketing strategy, excellent design, solid SEO, social media, strategic consulting and more has helped to drive these results for Goetzmann Homes. Phil and his team can rest assured their digital marketing is in good hands and they will continue to see strong growth for years to come.

Home Builder Case Study: Saint Aubyn Homes

Company Profile

Saint Aubyn Homes is the largest home builder in Colorado and one of the largest in the Western United States. They build close to 1,000 homes a year in Northern and Southern Colorado. They hired IW as their digital marketing agency of record to handle all their digital marketing needs to support the brand and drive growth.

IW provides a variety of services to meet the goals of Saint Aubyn Homes. This includes SEO, content, website design, consulting services and more.


Here what their original website looked like before our new design:

marketing for home builders website redesign before

Here is what the website home page looks like after our new design:

marketing for home builders website redesign after
In this highly competitive market space, the new website design attracts home buyers to the model homes and has led to consistent growth and sales for Saint Aubyn Homes.

Website Traffic

Website traffic has increased steadily over time and has resulted in business growth.

Oct-Nov timeframe for first time visits.

2013 34,202 Users
2014 35,090 Users
2015 44,096 Users (IW SEO and content efforts in place)
2016 59,041 Users
2017 30,877 Users (Seven months)


Saint Aubyn Homes relies on high volumes of traffic to sell hundreds of new home sales per year. Their website must be a key selling point during the sales process and to provide a competitive advantage that drives growth.

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