Lead Generation & Content Marketing Case Study

Company Profile

Cask is an enterprise level consulting company based in San Diego and focused on business transformation services to increase results for large companies in the Global 2000 and organizations in the public sector. Cask employees approximately 200 people.



Intuitive Websites (IW) was hired to develop an improved digital marketing strategy to drive the company’s growth. Cask’s goal is to double in size in the next two years. The digital strategy is based on an improved website design and messaging, extensive content to drive visibility and a strong conversion strategy based on Cask marketing events and content.

The Cask LLC Website Before the Redesign

Lead Generation and Content Marketing Case Study

The original website above was difficult to use and the content was confusing. Many website visitors were not clear on the services provided by Cask. The website used extensive stock photos and clip art. Multiple navigation menus and out of date branding and graphics resulted in few leads and low engagement.

The Cask LLC Website After the Redesign

lead generation and content marketing case study Cask LLC

Website After

The new website designed by the IW team includes more direct messaging, a simplified navigation structure and makes use of real Cask team members in all principle photography. The site also takes advantage of an updated brand look and logo. Website results, usability, engagement and sales leads conversions have increased noticeably for Cask.

Website Traffic

Intuitive Websites works to provide Cask with extensive search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing content services for blogs, email, social media and more. Visitors to the website are much engaged with the site and traffic is increasing as the new website is a hub for Cask events and additional content resources such as comprehensive blogs and ebooks.

Traffic has increased by 43% over the same period last year and continues to grow.

Lead Generation and Content Marketing Case Study Results

Website Conversions and Leads

The leads coming from the website and social media marketing have increased from a few per month to almost daily inquiries for the Cask Sales team. These leads are the key driver of sales growth for Cask. Website visitors and leads were not tracked prior to launch of the new website.

Here is the lead tracking starting in April of 2018.


Intuitive Websites’ initial digital strategy continues to be implemented as extensive content marketing plans are worked on each week and traffic and leads continue to increase. Intuitive Websites meets weekly with Cask to provide ongoing consulting, implement new content strategies to drive leads, update the website, monitor digital stats and much more.

Cask References

Please contact the Cask officers below for more detail and for references.

Neil Anderson, CMO
[email protected]
Mobile: 818-2689478

Jason Odden, VP of Marketing
[email protected]
Mobile: 858-987-2615

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