Cask NX Case Study

Business Services – Digital Marketing and Website Design


Cask is an industry-recognized, multi-award-winning enterprise-level consulting company based in San Diego. Since their founding in 2004, they’ve become one of the leading providers of business transformation services through their 13+ year partnership with ServiceNow. In their two decades and counting of operation, they’ve helped countless large companies in the Global 2000 and organizations as well as organizations in the public sector.

Cask came to Intuitive Websites looking for help meeting their business goals over the next two years—namely, to double in size. Intuitive Websites (IW) was hired to develop an improved digital marketing strategy to drive the company’s growth.


One of the chief obstacles to Cask’s growth plans at the time was its website design.

The Cask LLC Website Before the Redesign

Lead Generation and Content Marketing Case Study

The original website above was difficult to use and the content was confusing. Many website visitors were not clear on the services provided by Cask. The website used extensive stock photos and clip art. Multiple navigation menus and out-of-date branding and graphics resulted in few leads and low engagement.

In addition to the design of the website, traffic from qualified leads was low due to a lack of relevant content on the site. Website visitors and leads were not tracked prior to the launch of the new website, making it difficult for Cask to accurately gauge the performance of its lead generation strategies.

Digital Marketing Solutions from Intuitive Websites

To solve Cask’s website and lead generation challenges and help them achieve their growth goals, Intuitive Websites set out to redesign their website and launch a content marketing strategy that would draw more qualified leads to them.

  • New Website

    The new website designed by the IW team includes more direct messaging and a simplified navigation structure. Instead of generic stock photography, the new website makes use entirely of real Cask team members in principal photography. The site also takes advantage of an updated brand look and logo.

  • SEO

    Intuitive Websites worked to provide Cask with extensive search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing content services for blogs, email, social media, and more, organically driving leads to the new website.


The Cask LLC Website After the Redesign

lead generation and content marketing case study Cask LLC

With the new website up and running and Intuitive Websites providing content marketing support, Cask saw marked improvements in three areas:

  1. Brand Identity and Engagement: With a site that is easier to navigate and more clearly educates visitors on their mission, services, and capabilities, Cask saw noticeable increases in website results, usability, engagement, and sales lead conversions. The new website is a hub for Cask events, blogs, and ebooks, further building their identity as thought leaders in their field.
  2. Website Traffic: Visitors to the website are much more engaged with the site and traffic is increasing. Traffic increased by 43% in 2018 and continues to grow.
  3. Website Conversions and Leads: The leads coming from the website and social media marketing have increased from a few per month to almost daily inquiries for the Cask Sales team. These leads are the key driver of sales growth for Cask.


Intuitive Websites’ initial digital strategy continues to be implemented as extensive content marketing plans are worked on each week and traffic and leads continue to increase.

Intuitive Websites meets weekly with Cask to provide ongoing consulting, implement new content strategies to drive leads, update the website, monitor digital stats, and much more. We are thankful for the role our Four-Step Process played in enabling them to meet their growth goals for 2018 and beyond.


Lead Generation and Content Marketing Case Study Results

2018 website traffic compared to 2017 website traffic



Website lead tracking starting in April 2018