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Web Trends

Glenn and Tom discuss Web trends and how these can affect your business and drive your Web marketing approach.

  • More than ever people are shopping on the Web.
  • More potential business partners/clients are using the Web as a first evaluation of your company. Businesses can no longer afford to have sub-par look and feel.
  • Most individual Web users make credibility/trust judgments based on the look and feel of your Website.
  • 55-60% of shopping cart visitors abandon the cart. On average over 50% of Web users “bounce” – leave a site without looking at another page. Web marketers need to take steps to make their sites “sticky”.
  • Web marketers must analyze their statistics and do user testing to see where users are having difficulty and correct these obstacles.

Thomas Young

Thomas Young is the CEO and Founder of Intuitive Websites. He is a consultant, award winning Vistage speaker and author of “Winning the Website War” and “Sales and Marketing Alignment.” Tom has helped thousands of companies succeed online and has over 25 years digital marketing experience.