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Variety of Skills

bigstock-Communication-head-The-develop-25539242-1-300x361The strategies and action items in “Winning the Website War” will help you grow sales for your company. You can now reserve a copy of the book from the sign-up box on our home page.  Following is an excerpt from the text.

It takes a project manager with a unique personality to bring a variety of skill sets together  needed to implement a website marketing project. Marketing, technology, design and other dissimilar skill sets must come together effectively to get results from strategic digital marketing. Project management is the glue that holds this all together.

Many project management challenges happen when one area dominates the others. It is very common for technology staff, or designers, to set strategic direction for your strategic digital marketing efforts. This may not be the best approach. Strategic direction should come from the company’s leadership and marketing directors.

Thomas Young

Thomas Young is the CEO and Founder of Intuitive Websites. He is a consultant, award winning Vistage speaker and author of “Winning the Website War” and “Sales and Marketing Alignment.” Tom has helped thousands of companies succeed online and has over 25 years digital marketing experience.