The New “Intuitive Websites” Website

Podcast Number 73 — February 2012

Intuitive Website just launched a new Website, what do Podcast listeners need to know about the new site?

  • This simple Website is the result of many year’s of work and thought about Web marketing
  • and usability.
  • The new site is an example of the difficulty in making Websites simple.
  • Our competitor Websites are much more complex.
  • The site is a work in progress and will improve over time.
  • It showcases what is key to our prospective clients, our Four Step Process and our
  • knowledge base.
  • It will drive leads that are highly qualified and ready to buy our services.

What are the key objectives and goals of the new Website?

  • The goals of the Website are to drive inquiries for our services.
  • It does this through ease of use and education.
  • The Website supports our sales process.
  • It gets results from a variety of traffic sources.
  • The voice of the site should connect with our key audience.
  • We will refer people to the site to drive conversions.

How does the site go about meeting those goals?

  • The site has very straight-forward messaging.
  • It uses one level navigation for most pages.
  • A brief introduction to our services.
  • A very simple contact us form and fewer options.
  • It communicates on a subconscious level that we know what we are doing because we
  • organize our approach around a process and we understand users.

What are the key action items for the listener?

  • Go checkout our Website and gives your feedback.
  • Go to the site and subscribe to newsletter and read our articles.
  • Compare us to competitors in the industry and let us know your thoughts.
  • Consider a switch to WordPress (our new site was built in WordPress).
  • Hire us to be your Web marketing, design and development firm.

Thomas Young

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Thomas Young

Thomas Young is the CEO and Founder of Intuitive Websites. He is a consultant, award winning Vistage speaker and author of Winning the Website War available on Amazon. Tom has helped thousands of companies succeed online and has over 20 years digital marketing experience.