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Storytelling and Website Marketing

In this podcast, Glenn and Tom talk about telling the story of your business through your website and social media content. In many ways, the entire website marketing effort of your company is about telling a story that connects with people. This is the story of your business.

Tom and Glenn discuss the following topics:

  • How the art of storytelling applies to strategic digital marketing
  • Why stories are important to strategic digital marketing
  • The key components of a compelling story
  • Stories are based on conflict and resolution
  • Why this is a marketing trend that will never go away
  • How stories provide excellent ROI
  • Stories make your vision and mission tangible for people
  • A story can make things concrete and is a metaphor for life
  • Stories help people relate to your company and understand the business

The key action items from this podcast:

  • Write the history of the company and add it to your about us page.
  • Make a list of company values and why they are important.
  • Include supporting customer stories to explain your core values.
  • Build a website tagline from those values as they relate to customer needs.
  • Get feedback from customers using market research, social media and web stats.
  • Think of strategic digital marketing as story telling.

Thomas Young

Thomas Young is the CEO and Founder of Intuitive Websites. He is a consultant, award winning Vistage speaker and author of “Winning the Website War” and “Sales and Marketing Alignment.” Tom has helped thousands of companies succeed online and has over 25 years digital marketing experience.