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CAP Management – Milestones and Highlights of 2018

It’s no secret that HOA’s can carry a bad reputation, as they walk the line of keeping homeowners satisfied and communities running well. Struggling to maintain a positive reputation or brand can feel like the norm. CAP Management however, is changing the HOA game. Not only are they a successful HOA management company that has grown to almost double their size in a year in a half, they also boast an incredible reputation and use of technological innovations that save their clients money and set them apart from other HOA Management teams.

CAP joined IW as a client June of 2017 and in their time with us we have proudly shared in their successes and triumphs as they have grown. On average in the last year and a half with IW, CAP Management has added on average 8 new properties per year to their fold. This steady expansion has allowed them to grow their team to almost double their size from a year and a half ago.

Rowan, CAP Management’s favorite member and canine mascot, works steadily alongside his human team and keeps morale up as CAP runs their day to day business.

We have journeyed with CAP as they have carved out new roads in HOA management and now as this past summer they chose to expand into Overall Appearance, a maintenance company that goes beyond HOA’s into residential handyman services. Originally, they began with maintenance in their HOA communities, OA has expanded to take on everything from holiday light hanging, fence repairs, all the way to home and bathroom remodel projects. Team members Chris, John, James and Derek have built Overall Appearance into Denver’s premier handyman company that not only works in HOA’s but now serves a variety of residential homes as well.

As a part of their steady expansion, CAP Management has been able to measure their website and social media growth leading to more clients and communities coming on board. In one year, their website user growth was 109.53% growth, which translates to 18,409 website visitors vs 8,786 in the year before. Their social media growth was just as impressive, increasing social engagement by an incredible 911.11% in one year.

As they continue to grow their team and bring HOA communities into the future, we have no doubt they will continue to build a reputation that is known for success. We value our partnership with CAP Management and are proud to be a piece of their evolution as a company and team.

Get to know CAP Management:

(303) 832 – 2971

Thomas Young

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