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20 Digital Marketing Things to Start Doing Now

Intuitive Websites (IW) is celebrating 20 years in business and to recognize this milestone here is a checklist of 20 digital marketing activities to get started on right away.

1. Use AI to Write a Checklist of Your Customer Benefits

One of the best marketing uses of ChatGPT 4 and Google’s Gemini is to create checklists of the benefits desired by your target market. Go to your top customers and ask them why they buy from you. This will kickstart your benefits checklist, which can then be completed using AI tools.

Use this AI prompt: what are the benefits of _________? Fill in the blank with your product or service. Make sure you are communicating those benefits to your target market through your website and digital content, starting with your website homepage. Here is a link to our AI eBook to help you get started.

2. Update Your Website Homepage and Tagline

Your homepage tagline located in the main banner is one of the most important pieces of marketing content at your company. Take the time to make sure your homepage tagline is clear, direct and motivates people to engage further with your website.

Update the website content flow on your homepage to focus on the key benefits of your company. Here is a recent IW blog on website taglines to drive conversions.

3. Google Analytics 4 and Reporting

Many marketers have not optimized their digital reporting by using Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Get your website data in order and start tracking these leading indicators and KPIs for your business. Read more about GA4 on this blog IW post.

4. Use Heat Mapping on Your Website

Heat mapping using tools like CrazyEgg and HotJar provide a visual representation of user behavior on your website. These insights lead to website improvements that will increase engagement, leads and sales.

5. Get on Board with HubSpot and Marketing Automation

HubSpot is the marketing automation leader and companies who take advantage of this excellent marketing tool stand out and grow faster than their competitors. Schedule a HubSpot demo with the team at IW.

6. Local SEO

As Google search gets more competitive each year, local search continues to provide opportunities to get found. Local search involves a specific process and planning. Take the time to get local SEO right. Reach out to an IW team member for a local SEO audit of your website.

7. Plan for SEO Changes Coming from AI

AI will change how people research products and services. Get your website ready for this change by focusing on the principles of EEAT, Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust. Develop your website as a key source of thought leadership in your industry so you get found in AI tools, along with Google.

8. Use AI to Identify Marketing Personas

ChatGPT 4 and Google’s Gemini AI are excellent for creating marketing personas for your company. These personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer. Your marketing team must be very clear on who they are targeting with content and digital marketing and this clarity starts with personas. Go to your AI prompt and ask to create personas for each of your target market segments.

9. New Website Landing Pages

The best website landing pages target users based on their intent. Make sure to create specific landing pages for each of your products and services that match up with the user intent to buy. This will maximize your conversion rates, get your sales team more leads and increase sales. Content is no longer king, user intent is king!

10. Know and Work Your Sales Funnel

How well do you know your sales funnel? What assets can you offer prospects in exchange for their email address? Growing companies monitor and manage their sales funnel in great detail. Attention to your sales funnel, or customer research patterns, will provide opportunities for growth.

HubSpot is an excellent tool for funnel management and reporting. Also, get a copy of my new book written with Karl Becker “Sales and Marketing Alignment” to best understand how to maximize sales growth from your digital marketing and sales funnels. Your sales team is a key part of this and should be part of your digital marketing initiatives.

11. The Sales Team and Digital Marketing

Get your sales team involved in digital marketing. They can help with content ideas, identifying buyer trends, locking in on benefits, key buying objections and can provide selling insights the marketing team can use to improve the buyer’s journey.

12. Optimize Your Company Logo for Digital

When was the last time you updated your logo design? This is a key part of your brand and a starting point for excellent design. Make sure your company logo design is modern and ready for digital marketing.

13. Get Fathom for Meetings (AI for meetings)

Use of AI tools, like Fathom, for meetings has been a game changer for the team at IW. If you have a meeting and are not using these tools then you are missing out. Start using AI to record your meetings and gain an advantage over your competitors, who don’t make use of this amazing tool.

14. Get on LinkedIn and YouTube

If you are a B2B company and not active on LinkedIn there is a good chance you are missing a large segment of your target market. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an amazing tool and regular content posts are a must. Along with LinkedIn, YouTube is a must for your B2B videos that help people do their jobs better. Many people in your target market are on LinkedIn and YouTube so make sure your message is reaching them.

15. Ready for Video in 2024?

Make video a part of your content marketing strategy in 2024. Produce videos that help people do their job better or enhance the quality of their lives. Post those videos on social media. Use AI tools like ChatGPT 4 to write video scripts using both short form videos under 90 seconds and longform videos going into greater detail.

16. AI and First Draft Digital Content

AI is an excellent tool for writing first draft digital content for your website pages, your blog, emails, social posts and much more. Download our AI ebook here to get more ideas and supercharge your digital content to drive growth for your company using AI tools.

17. Hire a Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinators are the glue holding together a successful website and digital marketing program. They project manage the work, liaison with your agency, help find team members and hold people accountable to getting work done and meeting due dates. Marketing Coordinators  are an essential part of your digital marketing team and often your first hire when starting digital marketing work with an agency or group of subcontractors..

18. SEO and the Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is key to understanding your website’s ranking in the Google search engine. Get access to this powerful Google app and learn how to interpret its reports. Review the Google Search Console’s data and keyword metrics at least once a month with your digital marketing team.

19. Get to Know 10 Influencers in Your Industry

Search LinkedIn to find 10 new referral sources. Rank these referral sources by the number of engagements and followers they have in LinkedIn and their ability to attract your target market to your website and digital content.

20. It’s Never Too Late for Google Ads

Many companies have struggled to get ROI from Google Ads and given up. This often happens because their Google Ads campaigns are too broad and should have been more targeted and focused. Also, many Google Ads campaigns don’t accurately track conversions and overall results. Read our eBook on Google Ads and reach out to IW for a free consultation on getting results from Google Ads and how to get an acceptable ROI.

Read more about how IW gets results for our clients by reading our recent case studies.

Thomas Young

Thomas Young is the CEO and Founder of Intuitive Websites. He is a consultant, award winning Vistage speaker and author of “Winning the Website War” and “Sales and Marketing Alignment.” Tom has helped thousands of companies succeed online and has over 25 years digital marketing experience.