Thomas V. Young, MBA
Internet Marketing Consultant and Speaker

Seminars and Webinars

Tom’s seminars and presentations are highly regarded as down to earth and to the point. The presentations leave the audience with practical information on growing their business on the Internet.  Tom is able to make the complex simple and relate it to each person in the room with a specific action plan. He has presented to thousands on the subject of Web marketing in seminars, Webinars and through his podcasts.

Vistage Speaker

Tom is a Vistage speaker. Vistage (formally TEC) is the world’s largest CEO roundtable organization. Business leaders in Vistage meet monthly to discuss key issues and learn from Vistage speakers on a variety of business and personal topics. Becoming a Vistage speaker is quite a challenge.  CEOs are a tough group and they have high expectations from presenters and consultants.  Having presented to over 75 Vistage and other leadership groups in the US and Canada has been a win-win as a significant number of those companies are now Tom’s clients.  The Vistage presentation is entitled “Intuitive Websites” and is a high level look at how to generate sales through the Web.  These business leaders are looking for simple solutions to increase sales through their Website in a variety of markets.

Vistage is a CEO roundtable organization with hundreds of group’s worldwide.  To find out more about Vistage visit

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