How We Get Results

Website success is driven by strategic marketing, excellent usability and the use of stats and other data to drive conversions.  We do all three very well and have proof to back it up. Read our articles, blog posts and listen to our podcasts to see for yourself.

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We drive results by doing the following very well:

  • Listening to client needs and understanding their goals.
  • Following a proven Four-Step Process for strategic digital marketing.
  • Proactively pushing our clients to get better results from their strategic digital marketing.
  • Focusing on strategy and marketing to drive technology and design.
  • Making website usability a top priority for our client websites.
  • Building an excellent team of strategic digital marketing professionals.
  • Experience with hundreds of client websites and data over the past 17 years.
  • A passion for excellent ROI.

We analyze so much website data, that we can see consumer and economic trends as they happen online. That information is used to improve your website results.

Competitive Advantages – How IW is Different

1. The Intuitive Websites’ Four-Step Process

Successful digital marketing starts with a process. Client results are driven by our time-tested, Four-Step Process below:

  1. Strategy
  2. Design and Development
  3. Traffic Generation
  4. Conversions and ROI

Learn more about the Four-Step Process here.

You can read about the Four-Step Process in Winning the Website War.

2. Strategy in Design and Content

The IW team are masters at expressing our client’s digital marketing strategies in website designs and content. These strategies get results and are seen in our industry- leading client retention rates and design approvals.

See samples of our design work here. 

3. Client Relationships

Responsiveness, communication and understanding individual client needs are a key benefit to working with IW. We take pride in being proactive, solving problems, meeting needs and creating solutions. We use an agile project management system to drive results for our clients.

4. Deep Expertise and Leadership

The IW team is comprised of leading experts in the field of digital marketing. Here are a few of our industry leading credentials:

  • 20 years of SEO and SEM experience
  • Vistage Speaker and Member
  • High end graphic design
  • Adwords certified consultant
  • Google Analytics certified consultants
  • Published digital marketing author
  • Business ownership and entrepreneur thinking
  • Content experts
  • Sales and marketing consulting skills

Learn more about our team here.

5. Data and Metrics to Drive ROI

We are experts at interpreting data from Google Analytics, AdWords, the Google Search Console, SEO Moz, social media reports and more. We show our clients how this data is used to grow leads and sales from digital marketing efforts.

6. Understanding of Sales and Marketing

We know how our clients grow their business and what it takes to see marketing and sales results. One size does not fit all in this area and we customize our services to our clients’ specific needs.

7. Practical and Common Sense Approaches that Work

You need practical and common sense recommendations to drive results for your business. We avoid “quick fix” suggestions and “magic bullets” that can be expensive and don’t work. Our focus is on client needs, not the latest digital marketing trend or fad.

8. A Wide Range of Clients

We have worked with over 1,000 clients in a wide variety of markets. This wide knowledge base gives us a unique outside perspective to offer new and creative digital marketing ideas for our clients.

See our complete client list here.

9. Experience in Several Verticals Markets

We have extensive experience in several key markets including:

  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Health Care
  • Senior Living
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Recruitment Firms
10. Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

Our clients get a wide variety of digital marketing services to ensure the areas most important to your digital marketing are covered.

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