Ten Ways to Improve Your Website

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Ten Ways to Improve your Website

March 2013

Glenn and Tom have made a list of the top 10 things to do right now to improve your Website. Listen in to hear more details.

1. Keep it Simple

  • Remember the ten-out-of-ten rule.
  • What are your top three things?
  • Simplicity equals great sales.


2. Have a Great Tagline

  • It is the first content to get noticed on your Website.
  • Marketing-Speak vs. real content.
  • Clearly explain your value to Website visitors.


3. Use Captions on all Images

  • Social media driving this trend.
  • Most important form of messaging online.
  • Entire Website strategies are based on captions.


4. Keep Navigation Intuitive

  • Most interactive part of the Internet.
  • Keep main navigation on all pages and use 8-10 menu items.
  • Avoid pull-down and fly-out menus.


5. Build Your Website in WordPress

  • An open source CMS is best.
  • WordPress is user friendly and great for most Websites.
  • Do your research and keep it simple.


6. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

  • See our related content in this area.
  • A new rule of marketing and pull strategies.
  • Regular content updates are a must.


7. Target your Sweet Spot Keyword

  • What is the top keyword on your wish list?
  • How competitive is the term?
  • How popular is the term?


8. Use Google Webmaster Tools

  • Your communication with Google.
  • Very important SEO tool.
  • Set-up Webmaster Tools and learn how it works.


9. Design for your Audience

  • Graphic design should be targeted to the visitor, not the site owner.
  • Too much design is worse than too little design.
  • Work with an experienced graphic design professional.


 10. Conduct Market Research

  • UserTesting.com is an excellent resource.
  • Informal phone surveys can work well.
  • Set-Up screen sharing with Join.me or GoToMeeting.


The key action items from this podcast:

  • Use this list as your check list for a Website update.
  • It also applies to new Website projects.
  • Be aware of page URL changes and 301 re-directs.


Every Website is unique, but these 10 rules apply to all sites.

Contact us today to find out how well you are doing with these 10 items.


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