How to Bring a Brand Back to Life on the Web

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A great question is posed by one of our Podcast listeners: “How to Bring a Brand Back to Life on the Web.” Simona from Milan Italy wants to know how to revitalize a brand through the Internet with a minimum investment. She gave the example of cookie maker Lazzaroni (

If your company has history and many loyal customers, then bringing a brand back to life on the Web is a great opportunity to build on that history and drive growth once again.

Here are a few steps to bring a brand back to life on the Web:

  • Cover the basics of Web marketing first.
  • Time and legacy can be the most valuable parts of the online brand.
  • Know the trends in the industry.
  • Get back to the basis of branding and positioning 101.
  • Website branding and messaging supports all marketing efforts.
  • Understand the changing market place (get research done).
  • What remains in the old brand and what should change?
  • Tap into social networks, like FaceBook and Twitter.

Can all this be done in a cost effective manner?

  • Yes, if you are smart with your research budgets and time.
  • It will take time, but not always money.
  • User testing is a great cost effective research tool.
  • The challenge will be getting the right people and brains on this project.
  • Take a look at the Wonder Wheel and Timeline in Google search results.

What are the key action items for the listener?

  • Look at your stats and conduct user testing to research the new marketplace.
  • Use WordTracker and Google tools to research the online markets.
  • Talk to new target markets and conduct consumer research.
  • Expand geographically and across demographics.
  • Tap into social networks and get feedback on the brand.

Thomas Young

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