Digital Marketing Checklist for the Coronavirus Threat

Here is a digital marketing checklist to help your company take action in dealing with the new coronavirus threat. It’s important to do these things right away so your company is not seen as being out of touch with this crisis.

Businesses and consumers will continue to consume, buy, research solutions to problems and spend money. Communication is critical now more than ever through digital channels.

Here are 10 things you can do starting immediately to help your customers, prospects and others in your target market. Review each item below and make sure you have a digital communications plan for dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

  1. Increase Communications and Stay-in-Touch
    This is the time to communicate more often, not just with your internal team members but also your target market. They need to know what you are doing and how you can provide value. Focus not just on what you are doing, but how you can do things to help them do their job better or improve the quality of their life.
  2. Post Virus Updates to your Website Homepage
    Your website homepage should reference your company’s response to the virus and explain how you are helping customers and prospects. It should link to a landing page with more information, resources and content from your company.
  3. Email, Blogs and Social Media Content Updates
    Work virus updates into your content marketing efforts starting immediately. This includes blogs, social media and email marketing.
  4. Virtual Meetings and Events
    Set-up a Zoom subscription or similar and be ready to host and attend virtual meetings and events. Help your sales team with virtual sales calls on Zoom and change all messaging on your website to address this with links to register for the virtual events. Also, make sure to notify Google by updating your site map and submitting it to Google so it can be indexed with the new information.
  5. Graphic Materials and PDFs for Virtual Meetings
    Develop slides and PDF documents you can share during virtual sales calls and events, like webinars. This includes landing pages, slide decks, PDFs, infographics and more. These can be shared on your screen during virtual sales class and online events.
  6. Webinars and Virtual Workshops
    Now is the time to put together the webinar or online workshop you have been avoiding. People are working from home and will expect this content from your company.
  7. Videos for Social Media
    Your YouTube channel is more important than ever. Keep in mind, most people watch videos in social media and on YouTube, make sure videos added to your website have links to social media and include written content. You can shoot the video on your mobile device, but read up on how to do this well and edit the video appropriately.
  8. Call-to-Actions (CTAs) and Conversion Points
    Convert all CTAs to virtual meetings, events and digital interactions. Make sure your new webinars and virtual workshops are included. Add your PDFs and slide shows to a download page. Use these CTAs in the middle of the digital funnel.
  9. Coronavirus Landing Page on Your Website
    Develop a landing page for the coronavirus with the specific content on how your company will continue to operate and more importantly how you can continue to add value during this new reality. Link to this landing page from the homepage of your website.
  10. Consulting Session with Intuitive Websites Team
    We are here to help. Contact your account coordinator at Intuitive Websites and make sure you are addressing each area of this checklist.
We are here to help. Contact us today with any questions you may have.



    Thomas Young is co-founder and CEO of Intuitive Websites. He has 25 year’s experience in marketing and sales, including Internet marketing and usability research. Tom has worked with corporate clients around the country and is passionate about understanding customers and how they use the Web. He is the author of Intuitive Selling. His clients include HealthONE, Office Depot, NEC, The American Funds, Colorado College, Land Title, Bosca Leather and Intrawest to name a few. Tom’s client list is a testament to his ability to work with and get results for organizations. He has a BA in Communications from the University of Northern Colorado and an MBA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He enjoys tennis, sports and is an avid musician. Follow Tom on Twitter