Dr. Christopher Jones 2018 Milestones & Accomplishments

Dr. Christopher Jones, one of Colorado Springs premier Orthopedic Surgeons, has been a client of Intuitive Websites for five years. His passion and knowledge of orthopedic injury treatment and stem cell therapy have led him to some incredible milestones in 2018 that IW is proud to celebrate alongside him.

Along with his steady practice of orthopedic injury and surgery, specializing in the shoulder, knee, and elbow, Dr. Jones is leading Colorado into the future with stem cell injections, treating a wide variety of conditions including shin splints, arthritis, muscle tears and more. His use of umbilical derived stem cells has given an added option to patients, in some cases replacing surgery with a non-invasive treatment.

Dr. Jones Is also a published author on the area of stem cells. His expertise is well regarded in the medical community and creates a trusted safe environment for his patients. In one year Dr. Jones has been able to grow his client base online with 123.14% website user growth, translating to 15,205 website visitors vs 6,814 in 2017. He has seen 111.91% growth in Organic growth (a direct result of SEO) and an incredible 139.66% growth of lead generation from Pay-per-click Google Adwords campaigns. All of these numbers effectively mean more patients are being seen and helped, managing pain and improving function and quality of life.

We are proud to partner with Dr. Jones as he works to educate and improve treatment options for his clients. We can’t wait for the continued success of his practice in 2019.

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